Cost Sharing

Cost Sharing


First, Medical Cost Sharing is NOT health insurance. Second, right now about 1 million people in the US use Medical Cost Sharing to pay for healthcare expenses.

Both health insurance and medical cost-sharing pool proceeds from their members and pay claims from that pool. Health insurers are highly regulated because in the past there were problems with unscrupulous insurers who took customer premiums but didn’t pay claims. Over the years regulations have grown around health insurance, and that has added to the cost, making health insurance very expensive.

Medical cost-sharing, like One Life Cares, operate as a charity. So the money that goes into the pool gets shared by the members. So your contributions may go to pay the claim of the Smith Family or the Jones Family, other members. And when you submit a claim, their contributions will help pay your bill.

You still have to trust management though, because there really aren’t regulations around medical cost-sharing. Which is why we put together a team you can trust.

In the end, the decision you make is based on how you view the world, do you think that the world is filled with more good-hearted people who want everyone to be healthy or do you think that the world is filled with people trying to take advantage of each other.

We believe that there are a lot of good people, more than bad. We have put into place transparency so you know exactly what is going on, and we are always available by phone, email or chat to discuss issues with you.


Medical Cost Sharing groups began appearing in the 1990s. The majority of them began from a single organization, such as a local or global church or ministry, for the benefit of its own members. Approximately seven have open memberships, i.e. do not predicate membership on belonging to a specific church or organization.

The four largest currently operating  HCSFs are One Life Cares, Christian Care Ministry (Medi-Share), Sedara, and Samaritan Ministries. These four are currently representing nearly one million members.


We started with some basic rules.  In general, we try and include members who are all committed to staying healthy. Staying healthy brings down the cost of healthcare. Since all the members benefit from lower healthcare costs, it is important that all members have this mindset. So ask yourself these questions and if your answer is a unanimous YES, than join.

  • Do you believe in healthy living?
  •  Do you make healthy decisions?
  •  Do you want to be members with others who share your view?
  •  Have a mailing address or access to the internet?
  •  Do you believe that WE together can provide better healthcare than for profit corporations?


There are a few different reimbursement methods.

  1. Submit a claim showing how much you paid for an eligible medical expense. We will review and if approved send you funds to cover your cost.
  2. Have your medical professional send us your bill directly. We will adjudicate it, and make payments that are due.

Each HCSF requires monthly contributions. Amounts vary based on factors, such as number of family members, generosity of the reimbursement plan selected, and age. There is encouragement for individuals to contribute or donate more than these minimum monthly contributions.

OneLife cares makes you and your care the priority. Are we good at what we do? We take care of the chronically ill patients for big corporations, its been our business for a long time. We see those patients and know that if we had a chance to interact earlier with them, we could have saved them a lot of pain and money. We have saved millions of dollars by cutting waste our of traditional health insurance operations and have never seen those savings passed to customers.

That is why we created One Life Cares. And that is why we are your best choice.

HCSF/Insurance Comparison
Plan Attributes OneLife Cares Health Insurance
Contain essential health benefits X X
Offers plan options X X
Include state-mandated coverage X X
Low monthly contributions X
Full coverage for pre-existing conditions X X
Regulated by the Department of Insurance X
Prompt pay regulations X X
Maximum on maternity benefits
Free Telemedicine X