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Welcome To OneLife Cares Medical Sharing Program

OneLife cares makes your health our priority. We include your financial health in that equation. We have built a nationwide network of medical professionals that have a long history of providing exemplary care for our members. We also cut out a lot of the cost of managing that process.

OneLife Cares is a non-profit. We don’t make money on your misfortune, we believe that’s a big  problem with traditional health insurance. They need to make money to satisfy shareholders and investors. When you are healthy, they don’t make as much profit. So we operate as a charity, and all the funds we collect go to paying for actual healthcare costs. Because of that we can charge, on the average, 40% less per month for comparable care. Plus we let you know about all the medical bills your monthly payments helped pay for.

Transparency and accountability. We want our members to be aware that their money is being used for healthcare, not for private jets.

Your Healthcare Our Priority.

About us

OneLife provides alternative health care access

For the last 20 years our team has taken care of the sickest of sick. We have developed programs that give patients the best coverage and at the same time have saved insurers millions of dollars. It has been an accomplishment that we are very proud of.

But the savings that we produced never made it to the patients, they went to increase profits of health insurers. While we were reducing the cost of healthcare, without sacrificing care, they were increasing their profits.

So we decided to open OneLife Cares. We are bringing our expertise to you, the patient, and making you the same promise we have made to thousand of other, You are in good hands, we will take care of you.  The big difference is that we are now the one who is managing the claims, paying the bills, doing everything that the traditional health insurer did. Being a non-profit is means that we are solely focused on your care and not profits.

Our team is the best of the best. Our coverage is better than you will get anywhere else. And our cost is a lot less. Don’t wait, join today.

What makes us the best option for your Family?

Our Network

If you live in the US, we got you covered. Over 540,000 medical professionals work with us along with 2,400 hospitals and over 25,000 ancillary facilities. Plus we use virtual solutions to bring medical care directly to your home.


We offer monthly plans that are about 40% cheaper than traditional health insurance premiums.  We do this by cutting out over 50% of the normal overhead associated with claims and service.  Plus we help you proactively manage your health by covering healthy preventative procedures up front, like flu shots.
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Cost Sharing

We hold our claims pool inside of a 501c3. That means it can only be spent on our members medical care. With health insurance your premiums are used to pay crazy overhead expenses, inflated salaries, and all sorts of other expenses that have nothing to do with your care. With us, 80% of all payments go directly to care, the remaining 20% go to preventative services, administration and customer care. We are a non-profit, so profiting from your misfortune is something we don’t do.
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Why OneLife

  • Access to Doctors quickly
  • Nationwide network
  • Virtual Service so I can get care at home
  • A healthcare partner who  rewards you for being healthy

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