About Us

About Us


Regardless Of Your Age, Health Coverage Is Something You Need

You and your family need Healthcare. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of healthcare.

  1. We provide and allow you to go to any Doctors you want.
  2. Our plans cost 30+% less than anyone in the health insurance market

So why wait? Protect your family and your wallet with a plan that is on your side.

How does OneLife cost sharing work?

All medical costs are shared amongst members. Our team actively negotiates the cost of Healthcare so members get the best deal. We have been providing care for over 15 years, at better prices, throughout the country, so trust the experts.


  • Access to Doctors quickly
  • Nationwide network
  • Virtual Service so I can get care at home
  • A healthcare partner who care more about you than profits


In short, medical cost sharing associations, are groups of like-minded individuals who agree to come together and help each other pay for medical expenses.

OneLife doesn’t just reimburse the medical expenses of members. We also provide additional value added services such as telemedicine services that provide 24/7 access to medical professionals, for free to our members.

Members also have access to a network containing tens of thousands of medical professionals that have agreed to offer pre-negotiated rates for surgeries, and dental procedures, along with discounted rates on general medical care.


  • In short, OneLife provides you and your employees with peace of mind at an affordable price point. When you or your employees choose OneLife, they can rest assured that they’re working with a partner that cares about helping them live a healthy lifestyle.
  • The OneLife team is transparent and easy to communicate with. We don’t view you as just a source of revenue. Instead, OneLife recognizes each member as a valuable contributor since they’re the ones that are enabling us to make healthcare more accessible.
  • Medical cost sharing is the concept of sharing medical expenses. Like health insurance, participants in medical cost sharing plans pay premiums which go to a central pool. When a member files a claim, the member is reimbursed using funds from the pool.
  • What sets medical cost sharing providers apart from insurance companies is management costs. Traditional insurance companies are for-profit entities meaning that they literally profit from you living a healthy lifestyle. The funds that don’t go to paying claims go to the pockets of shareholders.
  • Medical cost sharing plans on the other hand are run by benevolence entities, so the majority of collected premiums goes into the pool for medical expenses. OneLife for example is run such that 80% of every dollar collected in premiums goes towards paying claims.
  • In addition to cost savings, there are a few other ways medical cost sharing plans are a step up from traditional health insurance. The most notable being the fact that the plans are self-governing, so claims can be approved without the red tape that’s associated with traditional health insurance plans.
  • OneLife is run by professionals that we empathize with their members. As such, we work to promptly process claims while also ensuring a fair approval process.
  • We understand healthcare is a big decision. But we can make that decision easier. Our team can walk you through a simple analysis to determine whether you are one of the primarily healthy individuals who benefit our program.