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For The Skeptics: How Is Medical Cost Sharing Not Modeled On Socialized Medicine?

One Life Cares: How they are differentiated in the current market

Life is something that is full of variables, making it exceptionally unpredictable and surprising at times. Accidents happen and it seems like it was random or unwarranted. Nevertheless, there is a good reason for each occurrence, and God has a plan for all those who are suffering in the world, and has promised it to not be in vain. Still, the temporal world requires money and time to make things happen. God is in control of this seemingly out of control world, but we must work within the framework given. Seeking out the right type of health insurance will largely play out as one of the tools given to combat the illnesses and ailments that afflict us all. One Life Cares is an empathetic group of like minded individuals with the capacity for empathy and understanding.

Their organization is non-profit and provides insurance to individuals through effective cost sharing. This revolutionary way of implementing a steep discount for the much needed services provided by normal insurance providers, is proving to be a much-needed alternative for many individuals. There are many people who are seeking a middle ground in finding effective solutions for their insurance needs. One Life Cares has years of experience managing the sick and suffering people that are in need of medical care. They have a vast network of thousands of doctors who are available to diagnose and treat you. The good news is that for a steep discounted price you can get needed surgeries, and dental work done that wouldn’t normally be included in a cheaper plan. They believe in not compromising in their care or showing disrespect to their clients by sending much of the premiums to their pockets.

Instead, cost sharing companies like them will give most of the money on investing in new and innovative solutions. Also, the customer will get reimbursed, making it a much fairer system. This concept of equity is something that they hold near and dear to the heart. Companies like them strive to provide services that are both physically and spiritually encouraging. They seek to free the minds of those who are under the influence of mainstream insurance companies. This is not an easy task because advertising has a great influence on society, and many are tricked into thinking they need a particular plan. Transparency is held in high esteem with One Life Cares, and they are on the front lines of the industry, trying to be informative and respectful to all parties. They are concerned with the truth, and that is not always easy to get in this corrupt world.

Being a beacon of truth can prove to be a difficult task, but they are always rising up to the challenge to ensure that quality care is given to those who deserve it for an affordable price, all with no profit. You see, the normal societal for profit organizations have a certain way of looking at things. Unfortunately, this leaves things cold and calculated, rendering most customers a mere number. They make the decisions based on your health, and tend to not be as transparent as non-profit organizations. One Life Cares give you accurate and speedy access to reliable and trusted doctors that are licensed and trained to help you diagnose and treat various illnesses. They consist of a Nationwide network that are willing and able to work together to meet all of your health needs.

There are many possibilities and risks in the medical industry, but they are reliable and have your best interest in mind. The spiritual component in the care you receive can be felt, as this type of insurance company is a blessing from God. It’s hard to find someone to trust with your money or time these days. One Life Cares is a breath of fresh air in a smoggy world of greed that the big industry companies profit off of. When you’re healthy, they are making money, and they want to pressure you to stay healthy at all costs, and when you get sick, they tend to put you under scrutiny and sometimes will even assert that it was your fault for the illness. They want to get out of paying whatever they can, and this is more common than it should be.

This is why companies like One Life Cares including Medishare, Sedera, and Samaritan Ministries, are working together with the same ambitions to get people off of that healthcare, and educate them on the benefits of getting coverage from a reliable and empathetic company. There is nothing more serious than illness and death, and it takes a concerning ear to address these issues. When it comes to your life, it’s important to entrust the logistics to those who truly care for your well being instead of your wallet. There is a fundamental flaw in business, and that is people can lose sight of what really matters from a heart to heart perspective. Doing unto others includes providing fair services that implement insurance alternatives for the well-being of all.

This is an especially convenient option for those who are seeking to have a much more affordable yet effective choice. Too often, people are lacking in the services they need, and One Life Cares really lives up to their name by treating all as equals, providing equal opportunities and care. Their plans are affordable and commendable simultaneously. As many of the policies in healthcare evolve over time, nothing remains the exact same forever. Things change, and it would seem that more people are searching for alternatives to the mainstream health care providers. It’s important to understand who is really in your corner, and the non-profits are mostly a Christian group of individuals. Their main tenant is to treat others as yourself, and this reflects in their business model. It’s rare to find such a synergistic group of individuals who are truly giving you an opportunity to change your life. One Life Cares also provides many additional services to their overall coverage that give any customer an extra sense of security and peace. They are all about giving you twenty four hour access to medical professionals and quality care.

The discounted rates on general care is one of the highlighting points of their business model. They believe in affordable care that everyone can utilize to their advantage. Cost sharing will grow and become more popular over the coming years as various laws change, so it’s an important business to keep an eye on. One Life Cares are actively treating and managing the sick and suffering throughout their entire organization. There are many testimonies to their reliability in the field, and can be trusted with even the most serious medical conditions. Life can dish out some pretty upsetting situations, and it’s important to put it in the hands of God and support each other down here as best as we can. Carrying each other’s burdens is something that is so important and can be lost on the for profit companies.

It’s a trait of a non-profit that distinguishes them from the pack, making them a more effective alternative for some people. They will weigh the possible plans with you to make sure that you make an informed decision on the matter. There is nothing hidden and everything is out in the open, giving the client more control over the experience. This is especially important, and they always treat their customers with respect and dignity. This mentality is pure and untainted by the greedy profit.

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Preventing the Coronavirus: What You Should Know

Recent outbreaks of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have created fear and confusion for many people. In an effort to keep Members of the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community as healthy as possible during a concerning virus season, here are a few tips that will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other common active respiratory viruses. Sedera acknowledges that there is a lot we do not know at this time. Information is moving quickly. Situations are constantly evolving. We will do our best to update these resources as we receive information.

Fact or Fiction?

Before you read our helpful tips, take a minute to test your knowledge of COVID-19

Simple Actions, Big Protection

Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets. These are produced and released when someone sneezes or coughs. Here are a few practical steps you can take to help minimize the spread of respiratory viruses:

  • Stop shaking hands with people, even if everyone is healthy. Need an alternative? We are trying out a respectful bow in the Sedera office.
  • Do not share food or drinks, even with people in your immediate family.
  • Wash your hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water. Say the alphabet or sing the Happy Birthday song while you wash to make sure you are doing it long enough. In between hand-washing, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Try to stop touching your face with your hands. Did you know that people touch their faces an average of 200 times per day?
  • If you have cold or flu symptoms, do not risk exposing other people to a virus. Work from home and postpone social engagements.
  • Based on current reports, “contact” can be considered 6 feet or closer, so try to stay more than six feet from anyone who is ill and certainly if you are ill. Also, disinfect surfaces you touch.
  • If Coronavirus comes to your community, help protect your older and sicker relatives and friends by keeping in-person visits to a minimum. Instead, consider connecting with video and telephone communication.
  • Lysol should work as a disinfectant. Use it often to clean bathrooms, sinks, door handles, and common surfaces in and around your home and office.
  • Get your flu shot! This will decrease your likelihood of confusing flu symptoms with Coronavirus.
  • Overall, this new virus provides a good reminder to care for your health: sleep well, moderate your stress, eat healthy foods (lots of plants if you can), and exercise regularly.

If You Have Symptoms

  • Call First:If you are ill and you know Coronavirus is in your city, or if you have reason to suspect you might have Coronavirus, call your medical provider to let them know. They will work with health authorities to guide you through what steps to take. If you are very ill and your doctor does not call you back, you may need to seekemergency care.
  • Stay home unless seeking medical help. This is the easiest way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Telemedicine is a great resource to use to discuss alleviating symptoms.
  • Stay informed. The CDC is the best resource to stay up-to-date. For more information, see CDC guidance on “What to do when sick with COVID-19?”

Bear in mind: healthy children seem to have mild symptoms from this Coronavirus. The people most at risk are the elderly, those with chronic lung and heart disease, and those with diabetes. It makes sense to do our best to protect them.

Spread Common Sense, Not Germs 

There are a lot of simple things you can do to prevent spreading the disease and incorrect information about it. We recommend checking the CDC website for up-to-date data and guidance.