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How Does A Cost Sharing Service Remain Flexible, Solvent, And Trustworthy?

Medsharing: A survival plan for today's medical costs!

The cost of medical insurance is skyrocketing. Often, plans change to adapt to increases and the further development of plans within plans! As an example, there are different plans which offer basic needs, and leave out dental and vision. Now, how can that be basic? Don’t we all need to see and have our teeth take care of? There are supplements, add-ons, and the costs start to climb. What does one do to survive the escalating cost of medical care? The answer is to obtain a cost-sharing membership. You will not be disappointed. Now, you must be pondering about the idea of a health care alternative to those high premiums? Can there truly be something out there that can substitute and not strangle you with co-pays, premiums, and out of pocket costs? Well, it is here. It is called medical cost-sharing, and it works!

Just what is medical sharing, anyway?

Medical sharing has its roots in bible scripture. It is a system that appears to work very well and is not only resourceful but economic. It is organized by a ministry or group of people who hold similar religious beliefs. It is truly a godsend for those who cannot afford the high premiums of privately controlled companies. It is completely legal and in compliance with medical alternative coverage. One can quickly contact a live agent to go over the availability of this new type of coverage!

Tell me more!

Yes! Medical sharing although not an insurance plan is a substitute plan run by a religious, charitable non-profit entity. They are registered non-profits that can be there when you truly need them. However, Medical sharing plans do not guarantee payments for services rendered by contracts, as health insurance plans do. The charitable Medical sharing entity collects funds from its members. Now, when a member asks for help, they are asking for the entity to share the cost of the bills. This can work well in catastrophic medical bills for unexpected calamities or accidents, and even diseases such as cancer. This can be much more beneficial than dealing with insurance companies who often pay by a schedule, and not a penny more! Often too, insurance companies rush one out of the hospital rather quickly, before a patient has recovered! Isn’t that the truth!

Now, the terminology can be quite different

If you are seeking Medical Sharing be sure to familiarize yourself with the terminology. They might not use words such as a deductible. There might be alternative words used such as share amount or even family share amount. Study your Medical Share plan first!

What are the advantages of medical sharing?

  • Negotiation is available! Listen up! Medical sharing allows the client to negotiate the cost of medical services up-front before the procedure is done. That is simply unheard of with insurance companies. The key is that you are paying cash, and cash is king! Paying cash might mean you will obtain a discount. That is remarkable.
  • Another great advantage to Medical Sharing is that you are never restricted to a medial network. Often with insurance networks, you might not be able to get the doctor you prefer. Also, there have been cases where a doctor is in a network, but in another variant of the plan, and still not accessible! It can be tricky! You absolutely can choose to receive your medical care where you want to go.
  • It is noteworthy to mention that through Medical Sharing you can access the state or even the country where you want to receive health care. Your ministry organization will have more information about this incredible access to personal choice!

Can I read more about this alternative solution to medical care?

Many ministries are offering this alternate benefit. Read up on the testimonials of actual people who have benefited by becoming members of such a group. Use electronic resources to compare the different memberships and ministries.

Levels of Membership
If the ministry is a Christian one, the members share the cost of medical bills, and that means thousands of Christians are chipping in. That is an incredible plus. In many non-profit entities, there are three levels of health care membership, gold, silver, and bronze. There is another additional one, which is often named something like the title, My Brother’s Keeper. My Brother’s Keeper is a leveled membership that would be a guardian or protectorate against catastrophic medical debt. Something to think about!

How do these medical sharing programs stay afloat?

Now that is a key question, considering there are no restrictions on age, weight, or any demographic statistic? Could it be Biblical principles work? Perhaps. It is based on Galatians 6:2 and Acts 2 and 4. Lastly, these plans are run by non-profit organizations and do not have a lot of the burdensome costs associated with insurance companies which are for-profit entities. Remember, their mission is one of accountability not just to their members, but to God. That is a solvency humans can learn from! God is abundant. We celebrate the fact that the source of goodness is not ourselves, but God. Everything good comes from Him. (James 1:17)

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