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Simple, Healthy Lunch Inspiration for Kids and Adults

Wellness coach Brooke Rosolino created a simple and inspiring guide to healthful lunches for kids and adults.

I like to think of lunch as fuel to energize my day rather than a big fancy meal that is going to be high-calorie and leave me feeling sluggish.

My lunches are usually simple yet satisfying. When making lunch, I prefer to center it on a lean protein, such as chicken, tofu, or turkey. Protein is essential because it digests slowly, which in turn keeps you full longer. Below are two of my favorite go-to adult lunches that take less than five minutes to make. I love salads because you can pack a lot of nutrients in and change up the flavor of the mixture depending on what you are in the mood for that day.

1. Joseph’s Pita with rotisserie chicken, lettuce and tzatziki sauce (pictured above).

2. Spring salad mix and romaine with cucumber, mini peppers, rotisserie chicken, snap peas, dressing of choice, Joseph’s Mini Pita, Hope Hummus with everything bagel seasoning on top.

Add one of these delicious condiments to pump up the flavor without a lot of empty calories.

Joseph’s Pita is my go-to bread for lunch because it is low-carb and high fiber. Siete Tortillas are an awesome choice too if you are gluten-free, or watching your grain intake.

Healthy Options for Kids

I have been having a lot of fun with my kids’ lunches lately. I make lunches the night before, which allows for a much more peaceful morning. I watch a show on my iPad or pour a glass of wine and have fun with it! I purchased PlanetBoxes this year because I knew having a bento-style box would keep me accountable to put real and nutrient-dense food in my boys’ lunches. It is for sure holding me accountable.

I also purchased some sandwich and veggie cutters to make eating more fun. I believe that presentation matters, even for kids.

Lunch Box 1 Items:

  • – Organic apple
  • – Applegate deli turkey
  • – Trader Joe’s trail mix
  • – Sugar snap peas
  • – Nitrate-free Boars Head turkey pepperoni
  • – Horizon cheese shapes
  • – Cauliflower pretzels

Lunch Box 2 Items:

  • -Raspberries
  • -Cucumber
  • -Banana
  • -Gluten-free pretzels
  • -Trader Joe’s dried rainbow carrots
  • -Trader Joe’s yogurt-covered pretzel
  • -Turkey sandwich on the White Daves Killer Bread
  • -Horizon cheese shapes
  • -Sugar snap peas

To learn more about creating delicious, easy lunches or for personalized wellness coaching, reach out directly to Brooke.

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